Saturday, 15 July 2017

Easy granny square

Today's square is a copy of a picture I found on Pinterest, but I couldn't find the pattern to go with it so I made it up as I went along - I think it turned out pretty well considering......

Pattern - in UK terminology:
  1. Chain 6, join with a slip stitch to form a loop into which round one is worked.
  2. Chain 9, * 2 treble crochets, chain 6, repeat from * 7 times, treble crochet, join in 3rd chain of original 9 chains. Join off the white yarn.
  3. Join the green yarn with a slip stitch in one of the 6 chain loops.
  4. Chain 3, 2 treble crochets, chain 2, 3 treble crochets in the same 6 chain loop as the join, * chain 6, skip one 6 chain loop, 3 treble crochets in next 6 chain loop, chain 2, 3 treble crochets in same 6 chain loop, repeat from * 3 times, join with a slip stitch.
  5. Repeat previous round working 2 treble crochets, 2 chains, 2 treble crochets in each corner and working a treble crochet in each treble crochet from the previous round.
  6. Repeat previous round, however instead of working 6 chains work 3 chains then a double crochet picking up the loop from round 1 then 3 chains - this creates the bow effect.
  7. Work a double crochet in each stitch, when you get to the 'bow' work 3 chains, in each corner work 1 double crochet, 2 chains, 1 double crochet. Join off the green yarn.
  8. Rejoin the white yarn with a slip stitch in one of the corner spaces.
  9. 3 chains, 1 treble crochet, 1 chain, 2 treble crochets, * 1 chain, 1 treble crochet, repeat from * all the way round, missing alternate double crochets from the previous round and working 2 treble crochets, 1 chain, 2 treble crochets in each corner. Finish off white yarn.