Monday, 21 September 2015

How to make a crochet purse

Bags, purses and totes are a girls' best friend and always will 
be. This bag is  so easy, it would also make fantastic gift. It’s like a gift within a gift when you let someone open up a crochet bag to find something else inside and then tell them they get to keep the bag, too! 

what you will need:Crochet cotton threads(dark pink,yellow)

3 mm crochet hook,ribbons ,craft needle.........
measure  (width)of the purse,then take chain as per width size.or this bag  40 chains.  3 ch(count as a first dc).3 more dc in same stitch,skip 3 st,4 dc in 4th st.repeat it.then  do not turn work,repeat same st at the end.
repeat 4 dc,skip 3 ch,4 dc in 4th st(repeat ).in corner u make 3 ch.make 3 chain 2 sides.

 Repeat the same stitch till the required length,attach different 
 color thread for more gorgeous.
Make 12 lines of the same pattern.After that make single crochet in every stitch,repeat 2 lines,then decrease 1st after 5 st,make 2 more lines of single crochet,this is the upper part of the purse.take one same color ribbon and insert in purse and also attach crochet rose flower in side.

It’s that simple. All you have to do is take a look below and you’ll be on your way to have the best handmade bags around.