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zeba crochet pattern
This pretty, stylised  flower motif looks elaborate and quick to make because of this work is rounds.
This motif is made up three design elements- chain, single crochet and double crochet.
start with4 chain, make a ring………..
Ø  10 sc into this ring……..
Ø  2hdc,1ch, in every stitch.
Ø  3rd and 4th line make 1sc in every stitch.
Ø  2hdc,1ch in every stitch.
Ø  6th and 7th line make 1 sc in every st.
Ø  1slipst,skip2st,make 3dc,1ch,3dc in same sp….skip2st,next st 1 sc,skip2st make 3dc,1ch,3dc in same st…
Ø  Use daisy stich  and decorate your motif……..


Zeba Tasnim   

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to make crochet diaper cover

How to make crochet diaper cover

What will need-cotton threads,1-5mm crochet hook,


 Start with Ch 65,

1) SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC all the way across

2) Attach another color, CH 2, turn, DC across
3) CH 1, turn, SC across(change color)
4) Turn, SL ST
next 16 sts, CH 2, DC next st, DC, next 33 st, leave rest un worked
5) CH3, turn, DC across
6) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 30sts, DC2TOG(change color)
7) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 28sts, DC2TOG(change color)
8) CH 3turn, DC2TOG, DC 26sts, DC2TOG(change color)
9) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 24sts, DC2TOG(change color)
10) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 22sts, DC2TOG(change color)
11) CH3, turn, DC2TOG, DC 20sts, DC2TOG(change color)
12-19) CH 3 turn, DC across (do not fasten off).

Ch1, SC around.
Fasten off, Weave in ends.

 Dark Pink cotton threads,Size 1.5mmCrochet Hook

DC= Double Crochet

Connect skirt to top of diaper cover by single 

crocheting .  starting from the right end of the strap to

 the other end of the strap). It's ok if the skirt is longer 

and hangs over a bit. When you get to the edge of the 

diaper cover strap, do NOT connect it to the skirt

2sc in every stitch of the top of diaper cover,here I 

have increase my stitches………

2 ch,1more dc in same st, 1dc in next 


all around in 2nd row.

1dc in every st ,repeat same pattern 5 to 6 lines….

In the last line I have used shell stitch pattern.


crochet,skip3st,1sc)repeat all around.

The pattern followed is adjustable and fits babies 0-3months
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