Sunday, 16 November 2014

Very easy crochet fish applique

 Very easy crochet fish applique

Let's make cute crochet fish applique to decorate your 

crochet project. Each fish are very cute and adorable. for 

pattern i have used worsed weighted yarn and 3.5 mm

crochet hook and 2 eye buttons. This pattern is Great for 

beginner. Start with chain 8

Round1. sc in next stitch from hook,  hdc next stitch, dc next 
stitch, 2tr crochet in next stitch,
1dc next stitch,1 hdc, sc in last stitch then turn to other side. 
(8 sts).
Round2.  1sc in next stitch,  1hdc next stitch,1dc next st, 2tr 
next stitch, sl st finished off.
Fish tail
Chain 4, turn,2 hdc in next stitch from hook,1sc in next st, sl 
st to finish off first tail.
Second tail, chain 4 and repeat as the same as first tail.