Thursday, 29 May 2014

Crochet owl christmas stocking

Crochet owl christmas  stocking

This stocking is adorable and it is so quick and easy to make. This would make a great gift for a baby's first Christmas. You need very little yarn to complete the project and it is intended for the beginner.

  · First round-4ch,make a ring,14dc into the ring .Second round- 2ch,count as firstdc,2dcin every st.


·       Repeat lines .

Here I am using cotton can be used worsted weighted yarn.

After 3 round,1dc in every st.Repeat all around.repeat 3 lines in same pattern

Next 2 lines have in same pattern,1dc in every  next  stitch.

Half portion of the circle make same pattern(1dc in every st).Repeat all the haif portion.

                              2dc,skip2st,2dc repeat all around

Attach 2 crochet  small circle for eyes. Make nose by different color threads.


Friday, 23 May 2014

Crochet tutu dress

I prefer to dress tutu without sewing a few minutes. it becomes a nice dress, and makes it cute to your kids. It is very easy to make, you can crochet desgine best of the best, but I'm going to tell you the easy way. First, what you’ll need is  crochet thread, crochet hook ,tulle, sissors, and whatever embellishments you want: flowers, ribbon, etc.
zeba crochet design


1.     Cut the tulle in lengths that you like. I buy my tulle by the roll at Hobby Lobby. It’s rolled up 6in wide which is perfect for tutus. Then I cut the strips 20in long since it’ll be folded in half and become a 10in tutu.

2. CROCHET TOP -make60ch,make a ring, then 4dc,1ch,skip 2st,4dc……….repeat all around into the ring.

3.     4dc in first space, skip 4st,1ch,4dc….repeat all around.make6 to 8 lnes same process .your tutu top is ready.

zeba crochet design

Fold a tulle strip in half, and push the hoop part through a bottom crochet hole in the tutu top

Pull the other end of the tulle through the loop to make a easy knot, pull it tight. Repeat all the way around the crocheted top.

Add the flower, and ribbon embellishments to finish it off. on a silver hair clip so it can be a hairbow, or clip onto the dress!I make the flower detach.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014



May 20


1-5 mm
 Tools & notions: Hairpin lace frame, set to 4" (10 cm) wide; tapestry needle; split-ring stitch marker.
 This is a beautiful hairpin lace top for teenagers.Hairpin differs from most crochet methods in its use of a frame or loom (available in craft stores), Drop loop from hook, with hook behind frame. Insert hook from back to frontthrough same loop turn  frame clockwise from right to left keeping yarn to back of frame. This  allows the yarn to wrap around the wrap around the frame without the hook getting. 

   Loop joining technique joins two strips through one or more loops at a time without any additional yarn. Use tangled in the wrap, while retaining the position to continue stitching up the center.
Insert hook under front strand of left loop, yarn over hook, pull loop through. Yarn over hook, pull through 2 loops on hook ,repeat it,make as per your required.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Crochet fabric summer dress


This is for our girls crochet and fabric summer dress pattern. This summer dress features a pretty crochet bodice, skinny straps, a gathered fabric skirt with back button closure and optional decorative flower to add to the dress or wear as a hair accessory.

This pattern instructions for sizes 1 to 2 Years (Chest = 20") skill level is Easy. The sewing instructions will suit someone with basic machine sewing skills and includes how to gather the skirt, sew the back seam and hem and join the skirt to the bodice.
This pattern is made using by cotton threads,1-5 mm crochet  hook.

 First round-Crochet bodice-56 ch,1dc in every st…………repeat all around..
Second round-1dc in first st, 2 dc in next st…………repeat all around.
3rd to6th round repeat alternate……

devide your sleeve in your required size and make 4 ch to join each other.

Make 3 more lines after sleeve finishing.attach two simple button in the bodice.

LACY PATTERN-3ch,skip 2st,1sc,3ch………repeat all around in the sleeve.

1sc,1ch ,3dc.1ch.1sc in every loop .repeat all around in sleeve.

Last round-5ch,1sc  in the 3rd ch from hook,2 ch…….repeat all around in waist part. Then sew the fabric in this crochet bodice.
you can attach one crochet lace in the border of dress
Care: It is machine wash, dry flat. I always recommend that you machine wash and dry flat to maintain the shape and color of the garment
Thanks for having a look and have a great day!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Crochet mini pouch


by zeba,

This is the first bag that I have made in the pouch style.  All in all I am satisfied with the end result .I used cotton threads colors for the pouch. The bag is such a useful size and is perfect for taking on holidays and storing little items in your wardrobe 


CH = chain

HDC = half double crochet

SL ST = slip stitch

DC = double crochet


Yarn: cotton thread, Hook: 1.50mm

zeba crochet pattern
      Make one magic ring,ch10 ,2nd round 2sc in every 

10 stitches.3rdround-1sc in every 20stitches………..

 4th round to8th round repeat same pattern.

4ch,count as 1st dc,1ch,1dc in the first space, repeat

 all around.skip2 st ,then repeat 1dc,1ch,1dc in the

 same space. Repeat10-12 lines…………  

           I likes stripes so next line  make stripe(1sc in 

every st)change color of threads…………..

     Tie-80 ch, attach 2 crochet small flowers.

      6 sc in every 6 stitches ,skip 1 st, repeat all 

around(insert your tie here) Then 4-5 lines of sc

  Lastly 6 dc in same space, skip2 st.1 sc in next    st………….repeat

zeba crochet pattern

Monday, 12 May 2014

How to make a crochet elephant applique
This   is a very easy  crochet elephant applique . I made ​​this 

project using by simple crochet stitches. Only two type of 

stitches used.(single crochet and double crochet). I have 

used  every color of the thread for this adorable elephant . 

I hope you like my work.
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to make crochet flower

This free crochet pattern is not super simple and may be more suitable for an intermediate or confident beginner.

 I like a cotton or cotton blend yarn, and I use two strands to make the flower more stable)
Size G hook(1.50mm)
zeba crochet design
·       Chain-5,make a ring by slipstitch. 12 single crochet into this ring.

·        This flower is 6 petals flower.

·        I am using two color of cotton threads.

·       Cut the thread and join different color yarn and make 3chain(ch).


·        3 treble crochet, in same stitch.3chain,and join with slip stitch in the next stitch.

·       First petal have finished,then repeat same stitch or ptals more 5 times.


·       I think it would be very pretty embellishing a bag, or headband or used on a pretty Summer Scrapbook page

Monday, 5 May 2014

How to make crochet shorts

 How to make crochet shorts

Crochet   shorts  is  One  of  the  best  cloth  for summer. You

 can wear beach or in  travelling. The   shorts    is made from 

yarn made ​​of it if you want  threads. This shots   is 1-2 years 

baby  girl, first  you  take  measure of  the Waist  and  add it  

again with the same rating Chain.

zeba crochet pattern
zeba crochet design

Worsed weighted yarn-

100 gm each(2 color of yarn)

 4 mm crochet hook.
v chain 60-80,join with slip stitch. make a circle.(measure your waist)

v 3ch,count as first dc, 1dc in every 60 st………….

v 2 dc, skip 2 st,2 dc repeat it all around………..

v 2  dc,1 ch,2  dc in the first space ,skip 2 st, repeat it all around.

v Make 7 row of shell st,pattern………

v Devide into two equal parts.

v  In center make 4 chain and join it other side of shorts………..

v 2 lines shell st in every side.

v 1hdc in every st

v 2dc, decrease 2 st,2 dc……………repeat it.

v Insert one belt or ribbon in it.