Tuesday, 4 March 2014




zeba crochet pattern

This skirt features a upper border of crocheted granny squares. skirt made with 

crocheted granny squares in its upper border is something you can vouch for in summers.

 Though the pattern is for 1-2-year-old kids, it can be easily customized to any size.

MATERIALS-cotton threads=pink, blue and cream colour. hook size=3 mm
SIZE=1 to 2 years girl.
CROCHET SQUARES: Crochet 5 ch with crochet hook size 3 mm and form a ring with 1 sl st in first ch.
ROUND 1: 3 ch, 3 dc in ring, 2 ch 4 dc,repeat from *-* a total of 3 times and finish with 2 ch and 1 sl st in 2nd ch from beg of round,

ROUND 2: 3 ch, 3dc in first ch-loop,2 ch, 4dc in the same ch-loop, * 2ch 4dc in the next ch-  

loop,2 ch, 4dc in the same ch-loop *, repeat from *-* a total of 3 times, finish with 2 ch and 1 

sl st .Turn piece.
ROUND 3: 3 ch, 3dc in the first ch-loop2 ch, * 4dc in the next ch-loop2ch, 4dc in the same 

ch-loop, 2ch, 4dc in the next ch-loop, 2ch *, repeat from *-* a total of 3 times,4 dc in the next 

ch-loop2ch, 4dc in the same ch-loop, 1 ch, finish with 1 sl st .
NUMBER OF SQUARES-We have total6 number of crochet granny squares.........,join it 

LOWER PART OF SKIRT- This fun skirt is crocheted in a lacy stitch pattern.

ROUND1-1dc, 2ch ,repeat all around the skirt.9 lines….repeat it.
ROUND-2( shelly frill design)-5dc,slip st,3 ch,1slipst,3 ch, 1slipst,5dc……….repeat all 

around .Next line-1dc,1ch,repeatmore4 times,1slipst.3ch,1slst,1dc,1ch repeat all

 around .next line-2ch,1slst,in next loop or space. repeat it all around.