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Saturday, 6 July 2013

crochet skirt written pattern

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Material---Nature cotton knitting yarn,100gr cream colour,100 gr sea green colour and 3.5 mm

The stitch made with the cream and sea green yarn is absolutely Gorgeous and I am planning to share the pattern with you. This skirt size is 3 years little girl.

CH- Chain

SC -Single crochet,

DC-double crochet,


Sk- skip


Round 1:ch100, sl st with first ch, making sure you do not twist the ch, , dc all around
Round 2: ch3, 1 dc in same st all around repeat it five lines.

Round 7:3chain,this is the first dc,2chain,skip one chain, in next St 1dc,reapet it all around.[1dc,sk next ch,2chain,1dc] repeat it 12 more times.

Round20- (2 more ch)+5 chain , sc in the next space,5 chains,1sc in the next space, repeat it all around.

Round21-8 dc in the first hole ,skip the next two hole means u make same 5 chain ,1sc in the next two hole ,then repeat8dc in third hole ,repeat it all around.
Round22-1dc,1ch,in the next 8dc.then 1sc,5 chain then,1sc,then 8dc,1sc,5chain,1sc,8dc,1sc repeat it all around.
Round23—2dc in the first dc,1chain,2dc in the next dc, repeat it 6 times more .then 1sc then in next 8 dc you make 2dc in each 1 dc. 1sc 2dc 1 ch,2dc,1 ch,2 dc, 8 times]1sc.repeat it all around your skirt.
Round24-5 chain, 1 sc in the next hole repeat it.Ready of your last part of skirt. I have made 3 frill in the skirt, your third frill is finish. Let us start 2nd frill of your skirt----same pattern repeat in the 8 line of your net. first part you start in the first line of your  solid shell stitch  pattern.
CROCHET BELT-Take 3 layers thread as per required length. Then you make simple basic chain stitch. Attach two small flower in the belt .Thank you.


               Saturday, 6 July 2013