Sunday, 23 February 2014




zeba crochet pattern

Material4 color of yarns,(each100gm),one4 mm crochet hook and craft needle.

Skill lavel –intermediate

Finished size- 3 to 5 years girl size.

This crochet Bolero pattern can be made in any size, so girls of all ages can wear this stylish Bolero. Use your favorite color yarn or thread to  

make this super easy Bolero .you can make also this bolero by thread.

FLOWER-This bolero is starting from center so, first make flower……….6ch ,join with slipst.12 sc into the ring .next round-5ch,skip first st and 1sc.5ch, skip first st, 1sc in next st .repeat 6 times. next round-1ch,2 hdc,2dc,2hdc,1ch,repeat every loop. change the color of yarn. In back side of flower you make6ch ,1slipst in the next flower.repeat6 times.1ch,3hdc,2dc,1 treble crochet,2dc,3hdc,1sc,repeat6 times. change the colour of yarn, join and make 7 ch,repeat6times.1ch,2hdc,3dc,1treblecrochet,3dc,2hdc,1sc.repeat6
 times. last round-8ch,repeat6 times.1ch,3hdc,3dc,1treble crochet…………repeat it. 

·      Ch14,in first ch, skip next ch ,join slipst  in next st……..repeat all around.

·      1slip st.2ch,1slip st repeat all around.

·      V stitch all around ,repeat 2 lines of v stitch pattern.

·      Shell stitch pattern 8 lines,as per your required.

SLEEVE-5 shellst,then next line you decrease2,3shell stitch,repeat 3 shell st pattern n sleeve as per your length required.

NECK LINE-1 sc into the every st.5 dc,1sc in next round.


 Please detail……….. visit my youtube video.