Sunday, 19 January 2014

How to make simple crochet bag

How to make simple crochet bag

 have  made  this  crochet  bag  for  shopping. This bag has made by simple crochet shell stitch pattern.

For this bag I have used 5 colors thread and 2mm crochet hook

Ch40,1sc in every st, in last 2st,2sc in every st, repeat 3 times do not turn,repeat 1sc in every st…………..
SHELL STITCH PATTERN-ch3,4dc, skip2st, 1sc,skip2st,5dc in next st..repeat it all aroundch pattern-when u have made5,dc,in center you make 1sc, and where you have made 1sc when 5dc………….repeat all make at least 15-16 lines of this pattern, I have change the colour of threads in every 2 lines. In upper part of bag I have used 3-4 lines of double crochet stitch.

For belt-take 8 chains,turn it 1dc in every stitch,you can make as per your belt length required…….. . In the last round I have made 1sc in every st.  I have inserted one pair of button in 2 sides of bag .