Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Crochet   Triangle   is an easy   Technique , can be used in home décor ,afghan and appliqué etc.

·       Materials-blue  ,pink  ,yellow  colors  worsed  weighted yarn .one 3.5 mm crochet hook and scissors.

·       Round1-make a magic ring,4dc,2ch,4dc,2ch,4dc,2ch

·       Round2-In the corner space,4dc,2ch,4dc in the same space ,skip 4 stitches ,in 2nd corner 4dc,2ch, 4dc reapet one more times.

·       Round3-4dc,2ch ,4dc ,2ch ,4dc 2ch, reapet two more times.

·       Last round-1 sc in every stich but in corner more3 sc……..reapet till end. Thank you

Monday, 2 December 2013





The crochet world

Zeba Tasnim


 This is a free crochet wreath pattern. You can  make it an easily at home. For this pattern I have used some waste newspaper, cello tape, and weighted yarn and threads.

Ø Make one big circle of newspaper, and   you  bind  it by cello tapes ,Looks like a round shape.

Ø Then you overlap the yarn as you like.

Ø  When you almost finish your overlapping, then you make a long chains and rapped in your circle. I have attached 3 pieces of crochet African flowers and many crochet leaves. I have also attached one crochet bow in the middle of wreath. Thanking you.