Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Crochet   Triangle   is an easy   Technique , can be used in home décor ,afghan and appliqué etc.

·       Materials-blue  ,pink  ,yellow  colors  worsed  weighted yarn .one 3.5 mm crochet hook and scissors.

·       Round1-make a magic ring,4dc,2ch,4dc,2ch,4dc,2ch

·       Round2-In the corner space,4dc,2ch,4dc in the same space ,skip 4 stitches ,in 2nd corner 4dc,2ch, 4dc reapet one more times.

·       Round3-4dc,2ch ,4dc ,2ch ,4dc 2ch, reapet two more times.

·       Last round-1 sc in every stich but in corner more3 sc……..reapet till end. Thank you

Monday, 2 December 2013





The crochet world

Zeba Tasnim


 This is a free crochet wreath pattern. You can  make it an easily at home. For this pattern I have used some waste newspaper, cello tape, and weighted yarn and threads.

Ø Make one big circle of newspaper, and   you  bind  it by cello tapes ,Looks like a round shape.

Ø Then you overlap the yarn as you like.

Ø  When you almost finish your overlapping, then you make a long chains and rapped in your circle. I have attached 3 pieces of crochet African flowers and many crochet leaves. I have also attached one crochet bow in the middle of wreath. Thanking you.


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Crochet Shell Stitch Summer Bag


What you will need: Crochet thread three color, each ball 100gm.One crochet hook, size 3 mm ,one button, and lining cloth for inside the bag portion.

This bag has prepared by simple shell stitch pattern.Shell stitch pattern-(2dc,1ch,2dc)

1st Round-Chain 42, do not turn. In   the first chain1 chain, this is your first sc, 1 sc in every stitch. Repeat till end.  In the last chain 5 sc, do   not  turn then u make 1 sc in every stitch till end.

2nd Round-First chain you make 5 sc, then 1 sc in every stitch.

3rd Round-1 sc in every stitch

4th Round-1   sc (single crochet)   in every stitch.

5th Round-In the first chain you make 3 chain, this is your first double crochet (dc).one more dc, 1  chain , 2 dc.(2dc,1ch,2dc) in the same stitch Skip 2 stitch, 2dc,1 ch,2dc (repeat) till end .In the same method you make ,how much u need the length of bag.

 Belt of the bag-Take 10 stitches of the one sides of upper side of bag, and you make double crochet in every 10 stitches, turn and repeat as per of your belt length required. Lastly you sew up the other part of bags. For border design 3 dc in one stitch, skip 2 stitches, 3dc (repeat till end  .

Finishing-you can attach lining cloth in your bag. Attach one big size button in front side. Thank you………

 The Crochet world

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

crochet toy car


 This is a free crochet pattern for an applique in a car shape, that would be cute sewn to a purchased plain sweater or added to a basic crocheted sweater for a child.

Car Shape
Starting Chain: With Color red, Chain13.
Row 1:ch3,count first dc,2dc in same stitch.
Row 2: dc1, each next chain.in last chain 3dc.)
Row 3:  turn over Ch3,2dc in same stitches,then 1dc into the same next stitches.
Rows 4 with color white,sc fist chain, 6 sc in the next stitches.

Row5-turn over,dec 1sc,6 sc in the next stitches, 1 sc increase.

Row6-dec Isc,5sc in the same stitches.

Row7-Isc.then 3dc, 1 sc .

Row8-For out  line u make sc in the out line.

FOR WHEEL-I have used button.