Monday, 28 May 2018


This is a free pattern...Crochet Water Melon Coaster...

What you will need
worsted weight yarn-3 color
white/red and  green
crochet hook=3 mm
,Craft  needle and scissor
First round-
Use  red color yarn Make one slip knot and 2 more chain..Go to the third ch from ur hook..make 10 
 double crochet{dc}
Second Round-
3 ch count as a first dc. 1 dc in same stitch...make 2 dc in every stitch... stitch

Third Round-
Change the color of yarn Attach white color of yarn in any st of 2nd round. make 2 single crochet in every stitch...
Fourth Round-Change the color of yarn,
Attach green color yarn in
 any stitch of the third round
make slip stitch .count as a
 first single crochet,
make 1 single crochet in next
 4 stitch,
2 single crochet in 5th stitch.
repeat it in this round,
  This is the last round....after that u take craft needle and take
 black color threads..
for dot in coaster...
make simple stich of embroidery..
This coaster is specialy for summer time..
you can make it..



Monday, 16 April 2018

How to make crochet puff flower

This is a written pattern of crochet five petals puff flower.This is a free pattern...
What will need
worsed weight yarn 2  colors
3mm crochet hook
craft siccsior
sc-single crochet

make 2 foundation chains...go to the 2nd chain from hook...this is first sc. make 9 more sc in this stitch.join with slip stitch at the end point.
This is center of the puff can change of ur yarn color.
Attach another color of yarn in any stitch of the first round for puff  flower.   make  3ch..insert ur hook in same st...pull through yarn hold in ur hook..2 more times pull through yarn..then go to the next st insert hook pull through yarn and hold repeat 2 more times then rap yarn over ur hook and make all in one ch.this is ur first puff make 2 ch make 1 slip stitch in same stitch..

..repeat this pattern 5 more times...If you want to know for more detail plz follow me on youtube