Thursday, 22 June 2017

How to make a crochet freeze handle cover

This is a free pattern.In this pattern have used worse weighted yarn..3mm crochet hook. measurment freeze handle (length and width)
Methode - start from per width first pattern I have made simple double crochet stich. dc in every stitch...make as per  length of ur handle.
Attach buttons or ribbon in side of the cover...and attach some favorite flowers....
2nd pattern - this is a ripple stitch pattern. first mesure width and take chains and make ripple stitch.
Happy hooking

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Crochet bow tie

This crochet bow tie is perfect for ur baby boy. This is a free pattern  for new crochet ers.This bow tie is suitable for 0 to6 months baby..if u want big size..then u increase ur stiches
Materials -
crochet cotton threads  (3 colors, blue,white,red)
Crochet hook size 4mm
Craft buttons
Craft needle
Craft scissor

1st round - measures ur baby's neck line and take chains. 40 ch, 2 more chain  count as a first hdc (half double crochet)
Make 1 hdc in every last stitch insert one button.

Bow -12th, make 1hdc in every stitch
Repeat 4 lines.fold in half and tie it .and attach with ur hdc stripes....

Happy hooking

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