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Material—4 color of yarns,(each100gm),one4 mm crochet hook and craft needle.
Skill lavel –intermediate
Finished size- 3 to 5 years girl size.
This crochet Bolero pattern can be made in any size, so girls of all ages can wear this stylish Bolero. Use your favorite color yarn or thread to
make this super easy Bolero .you can make also this bolero by thread.
FLOWER-This bolero is starting from center so, first make flower……….6ch ,join with slipst.12 sc into the ring .next round-5ch,skip first st and 1sc.5ch, skip first st, 1sc in next st .repeat 6 times. next round-1ch,2 hdc,2dc,2hdc,1ch,repeat every loop. change the color of yarn. In back side of flower you make6ch ,1slipst in the next flower.repeat6 times.1ch,3hdc,2dc,1 treble crochet,2dc,3hdc,1sc,repeat6 times. change the colour of yarn, join and make 7 ch,repeat6times.1ch,2hdc,3dc,1treblecrochet,3dc,2hdc,1sc.repeat6 times. last round-8ch,repeat6 times.1ch,3hdc,3dc,1treble crochet…………repeat it. 

·Ch14,in first ch, skip next …



zeba crochet pattern 

 This is a super easy baby frock for new born baby,one month to 3 months babygirl.You can be makeit in one hour.     ·      For this pattern I have used two color of worsed weight cotton       yarn.4mm crochet hook  ,one button for back side of frock.    ·      Ch42,1 hdc in the 2nd ch from hook, this is your first hdc.1 hdc into    the every ch.
·      In second row1hdc in the first st, next st 2 hdc. Repeat till the end of your stitch . Also repeat in 3rd row.
·      4 and 5th row 1hdc into the every stitch.       6th row 1hdc into the first st and 2 hdc into the next st.. but, you count 16 stitches and give a marker, I have used yarn. and another side also give mark in 16 th st.
·      7th row you make 1hdc in the every st, in 16 st you make 5 ch .join  32th of ch. other side also…… ·      LOWER PART OF FROCK- I HAVE USED SHELL ST PATTERN.(3 dc into the next st, skip 2 st 3 dc into the next st).
·       You can be make length as per your …



This is a super easy crochet hat pattern for beginners .Size is suitable for 6 to 12 months baby boy or girl. SKILL –easy

3 color of worsed  weighted yarn as per your choice,4 mm crochet hook  ,one craft needle.

1.   Make 30 ch, 2 more ch this is your first hdc.

2.  1 hdc into the every st.

3.  Do not turn in last 3 ch you make 2 hdc in each st.repeat 1 hdc into the every stitch.

1.   You make 13 to 14 lines then change the color of your yarn and repeat 1 hdc(half double crochet) into the every st.

2.  Attach   two big size of pompom in each side of hat….. 3.  Thank you

Just when you thought crochet couldn't get any cuter along comes this adorable crocheted baby dress. Using this free crochet pattern and weight yarn you can make this for your little girl in no time
Instruction- for 12 to 18 months

Materials Light weight yarn - 9 [11,13] ozs black, yellow, pink  3mm crochet hook.


Saturday, 6 July 2013
crochet skirt written pattern Welcome to my world of crochet ,free patterns and crochet basic stitchesCROCHET SKIRT 

Material---Nature cotton knittingyarn,100gr cream colour,100 gr sea green colour and 3.5 mm
The stitch made with the cream and seagreen yarn is absolutely Gorgeous and I am planning to share the pattern with you. This skirt size is 3 years little girl. CH- Chain
SC -Single crochet,
DC-double crochet,
Sk- skip PATTERN-Round 1:ch100, sl st with first ch, making sure you do not twist the ch, , dc all around Round 2: ch3, 1 dc in same st all around repeat it five lines. Round 7:3chain,this is the first dc,2chain,skip one chain, in next St 1dc,reapet it all around.[1dc,sk next ch,2chain,1dc] repeat it 12 more times.Round20- (2 more ch)+5 chain , sc in the next space,5 chains,1sc in the next space, repeat it all around.
Round21-8 dc in the first hole ,skip the next two hole means u make same 5 chain ,1sc in the next two hole ,then repeat8dc in t…